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About Palos Verdes

Each community on the Peninsula offers a distinctive environment.  The population is distributed between four cities and two unincorporated areas that have been molded as much by terrain as by the residents themselves.

The Peninsula’s four municipalities are: Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes.  The four cities of the Peninsula function well together and cooperate on many services and projects to achieve economies of scale. They share libraries and schools and contract for many services with Los Angeles County.

The Peninsula is famous for its beauty, its clean air, its attention to scenic detail and its relaxed, yet sophisticated lifestyle.  Each city contributes in its own way to this reputation and their diversity means that there is much to choose from for even the most discerning resident.

Est. 1939

Situated on the western side of the Peninsula with the Pacific Ocean at its doorstep, Palos Verdes Estates, incorporated in 1939, is the oldest residential community. With 849 acres dedicated as permanent parkland, it justifiably enjoys a reputation as a garden suburb. The Palos Verdes Homes Association is responsible for interpreting and enforcing the standards that apply to over 5,000 building sites.  The quaint and elegant architecture of Malaga Cove Plaza has been used by many a producer for a scenic setting.


Incorporated 1973

Rancho Palos Verdes, on the Peninsula’s southwest side, was incorporated in 1973 and is the newest and largest municipality. Close to 41,000 residents live in a little more than 13.6 square miles. The 7.5 square miles of coastline featuring striking topography — quiet coves and beaches, protected by steep cliffs.



Rolling Hills is the smallest city — roughly 2,000 residents. This exclusive community is located inland, just west of Palos Verdes Drive North and access is controlled by security guards at three entrance gates. Many experts believe that Rolling Hills has the highest income in the state — and the neighborhood reflects this stature.


Est. 1957

Rolling Hills Estates is located east of Palos Verdes Drive North and actually shares borders with all three cities. Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates and portions of Rancho Palos Verdes are “horse country” and boast about 57 miles of horse trails. Approximately 9,500 people call Rolling Hills Estates home — as do the South Coast Botanic Garden and the privately owned Rolling Hills Country Club. This city boasts a mile long shopping complex, the Peninsula Center area.



Academy Hill and Westfield — Two unincorporated “islands,” Academy Hill and Westfield, are located off Palos Verdes Drive North on the northern side of the Peninsula. Westfield, the more populated of the two, has close to 300 homes in a rural environment which is protected for equestrian interests. Academy Hill has fewer than 200 homes and is only about 21 years old.

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